GLAD I didn’t kick the ass out it last night – feel good this morning and lots to do.

After breakfast I get artwork done and sent off for three of the USA shows and chase my ‘advancing’ emails for some of the other bookings.

Time’s tight before we head for Estonia and Finland and I’ve a load of things needing done before we go.

Next job is selecting and tweaking the images from Friday’s photo job – I want them with the client first thing in the morning (Monday).

Catriona and Freya are staying tonight and arrive early afternoon., Mikey heads back to Dundee and I go into the studio to film some green screen footage for my planned Brexit Blues video.

Back in the office I’m starting the video edit when Betty drops by for a coffee…I speak for a while then get busy. I need to get as far on with this edit as I can before we leave for Duncan and Irene’s..we’re there for dinner.

We have a lovely night and I take on driving duties. When we get back Catriona’s asleep and we tip-toe around for a while before zzzzzzzs…