Day two of the videoblog….

IT’S the usual last minute panic to get downstairs for breakfast in the hotel. We make it with a good 15 minutes ti are tho’…and there’s plenty food left 🙂

After breakfast we get packed up and I do some promo for tonight’s show – the first of the trip.

The train station is right beside the hotel. Margaret picks up some snacks from the kiosk and we board the train to Tartu. Two hours – and some horrible pancake kinda wrap things (see video blog) – later we pull into Tartu.

Our pal Katrin from Tallinn surprises us by meeting us at the station. She’s working in the merch store on an old armoured train which is in the city for a few days. She gives us a tour then we walk to the hotel with the gear. its only five minutes away.,,we’ll see her at the gig tonight.

I go and pick up some supplies form a nearby supermarket then we chill until Randal comes to pick us up and take us to Illegaard.

Andres is already there. And soundman Siim is all set up and ready for my soundcheck.

We have a fantastic night – the show goes great and there’s lots of pals old and new to catch up with.

We’re back at the hotel by midnight and I edit up the day’s video for the videoblog…it’s a bit of a toil, but worth it…

Andrea plays a storming opening set…
…and I have a grand at Illegaard in Tartu.