On stage at Von Krahl…for some reason I can’t embed the video blog – check it out here

BIG gig in Tallinn tonight…and I’ve got some promo stuff to do before we checkout the hotel in Tartu and go for the train.

Our pal Martin meets us at the hotel and comes to the station for a coffee. We’re soon joined by Andres who’s coming to Tallinn to play the show with me.

A two-hour train ride takes us to Tallinn and our hotel right beside the rail station.

We dump all the bags and go out for a snack, go back and collect the gear and head for the venue.

Von Krahl is a 10- or 15-minute walk away. It’s one of the best venues in Tallinn and the soundman is ready for us to load in. Soundchecks go great and we have a good 90 minutes or so before doors open so we go out for a coffee and a snack.

For such a good venue, there’s a few annoying things…there’s little or nothing outside to let folks know there’s anything on – and the door person isn’t around when they open doors! Margaret manages to get it all sorted but it’s kinda weird. Too cool for school I guess.

We were kinda worried about numbers as its a self-promo show but there’s a good crowd in – some folks we know, and lots of new faces too.

Both our sets go great. A change of batteries seems to have ironed out the minor guitar problems I had last night to 🙂

After we pack up Andres goes for the train back to Tartu and we schlep the gear back to the hotel and go out in search of some grub. It’s Sunday night, though – and getting late…everythwere is either closed or closing and I end up with some chicken wings from a wee place close to the hotel.

Back at the hotel I eat and we have a drink while I edit the day’s videoblog. For some reason it won’t embed in this blog…but you can see it here.

No more gigs until Wednesday in Finland, so we’ll take a break from the videoblogs ’til then…

Great set from Andres at Von Krahl