We find a place called TOA for dinner…

NO TRAVEL or gig today, but we cannot lie in too long ‘cos we don’t wanna miss breakfast.

We’re just finishing when some folks who were at last night’s gig come to say hello. They’re from Scotland! We chat a while then head back upstairs.

We chill in the room for the rest of the morning. I catch up on some online stuff and keep pushing to finalise USA dates and related stuff for the summer tour.

Mid-afternoon were hungry and nip out to find some food, setting for chicken and feta wraps from a nearby place.

Doesn’t look like there’s any live music in town but we research some possible places to go for dinner and chill for a while.

The restaurant we’ve picked – TOA – is a 25-minute walk away. Looks good and prices seem pretty reasonable.

I’ve not brought a jacket and, typically, it starts raining as we walk to the place.

The food’s good, although Maragret’s not quite so enamoured with her main course…the marinaded salmon is a bit too strongly flavoured – but overall its not bad and good value. She enjoys the gin and tonics!

We realise we’re not far from Rockclub BarBar where I played last time we were in town, so we wander along there and have a few drinks finally heading back to the hotel sometime after 1am.

…then drop into Rockclub Barbar for a couple of drinks.