We enjoy a drink at Philly Joe’s blues jam…

NO gigs or travel today, but after catching the end of breakfast in the hotel we tackle some financial/cash flow planning.

It’s something that’s fallen by the wayside over the last year or two and no doubt a major part of the reason we’re in such financial doodoo.

We spend a few hours juggling spreadsheets and checking things over. It’s not good news and, if I’m honest, not news to me…it’s been getting me down for a while now.

A trip out into the fresh air to a nearby market hall throws up a pop tip food place specialising in bao buns. Crispy chicken for Margaret and pork for me helps to lift the spirits a little.

Our plans to visit the KGB museum are abandoned in favour of finishing off what we started this morning.

By 6pm we have a picture of the next few months – still no plan on how to sort things out, but at least we know where we stand.

We head out to the Texas Honky Tonk for a cost-conscious, but good, meal. Andres has tipped us off about a blues jam in town so we take a walk to check it out.

We’re kinda surprised to be charged €5 each to get in….and I’ll bet a fund to a pinch of salt that while the house band will no doubt be getting paid, the folks that turn up to ‘jam’ will be getting sweet FA.

There’s lots of widdly guitar on stage, but no songs or vocalists which makes for slightly uninspiring listening. Still, we enjoy our hour or two in the place and I manage to eek out my large dram for the duration.

We take a slow walk back to the hotel, enjoying the old town now the rain’s off and have an early night. An early start to Finland in the morning…

..but are bit bemused at being charged €5 a head to go to a blues jam!