Back on the road…and the videoblog is back…watch above for the first day in Finland…

WE’RE up and packed early and take our bags and all the gear downstairs when we go for breakfast.

Once done, we check out and jump in a taxi to take us to the ferry port as we make our way to Helsinki.

I do a little work then have a sleep for the rest of the two-hour boat trip.

Next, a taxi to the bus station, some more hanging around and a sandwich for lunch.

A couple of hours later Ismo meets us off the bus in Loima and takes us to his home where we’re staying tonight. We have a coffee and chat as Ismo prepares the grill outside and starts cooking dinner.

Soon after 7pm we drive to Pikku Hani, the venue for tonight’s show. We soundcheck and have a few beers – Ismo’s partner Suvi is on the door and Margaret looks after merch.

Ismo kicks things off with a great set around 10pm, then I”m on stage…Ismo joins me to play harp on a few songs in the middle of my set.

The place is jumping; and we have a grand time before packing up and getting a taxi back to Simo and Suvi’s. Our mutual pal – journalist Marko Aho – comes back for a few drinks and suddenly it’s 3am!

Ismo kisks things off at Pikku Hani…
…then its my turn 🙂