Great to catch up with our pal Martin for a few beers in Turku…

NO information in our hotel room about breakfast – and when we checked in last night reception was closed so we had to use a keypad to open doors etc. So we assume there’s no breakfast or wifi and check out time is midday. Odd for such a nice hotel.

We’re a little late waking after the 3.30am shot then I edit the previous day’s videoblog and post it along with my usual daily blog.

We meet Ismo downstairs at midday – reception is open during the day and we find there was breakfast (finished at 10am) and wifi. We mention it would have been nice to know this and some info on the rooms would have been useful. The woman is defensive and says the info would have been sent to the person booking the rooms. The venue promoter didn’t pass this on to us tho’.

She goes on to say if we had queries we should have called the number by the keypad at the door…although it says ‘in emergency’ use the number. I don’t think breakfast or wifi queries qualify as emergencies!

Anyway, onwards. Ismo very kindly drives us to Turku, stopping for some brunch along the way.

We can’t get into our hotel in Turku until 4pm, so we hang out at a cafe and enjoy a snack and a long-lasting coffee then say cheerio to Ismo. He’s gonna be coming to Scotland in November to be special guest on my Scottish shows 🙂

Once we’ve checked into he hotel and dropped our bags, we hit the street to goi and meet our pal Martin who takes us to his local bar on the top deck of a river boat where we have a good catch up and enjoy a couple of beers. Great to see him.

Martin has an early start in the morning but before saying cheerio he points us int he direction of a rooftop bar in the centre of town with we checkout before grabbing some grub and heading back to the hotel.

Been a lovely day off – and tomorrow (Saturday) is the last show of the tour at Bar Loose in Helsinki….

….irresistable photo opportunity at the rooftop bar 🙂