Final videoblog of the Estonia/Finland tour…great last day/night of the tour 🙂

AFTER breakfast in our room in Turku we pack everything up and trundle our way to the train station which is just ten minutes walk away.

It’s a bit if a trial getting on the train – we’re on the furthest away carriage on the platform and the upper deck. It’s a cool, comfy train tho’ and we get some work done on the two-hour ride to Helsinki.

We have a couple of hours to spare before get-in at the venue so we hang out around the station then get a taxi which is a bit of a rip-off – ¢25 to go what turns out to be less than a kilometre!

We load in and are sent, along with some other bands that are playing, to a nearby restaurant where we have a really nice – albeit early – dinner.

Back at Bar Loose engineer Laasi makes soundcheck a breeze…and the sound is stunning.

When doors open its great to see so many friends – Eva, Honey, Thomas and many more…and, of course, our hosts for the night Jaana and Peter.

I only have to playa s short set – about 40 minutes int he upstairs part of the venue. It was a last minute booking and although the venue had a full line-up in place in the main venue, they were keen to put me on upstairs. It works a treat – there’s a great crowd and we have a grand time.

After a few drinks and catching up with folks we get a taxi back to Janna and Peter’s where we have a few drinks and something to eat. Suddenly its 3am again!

Been a while…great to catch up with our Helsinki pals 🙂