Nice view of the bridges as we approach Edinburgh airport. We’ve had a great time, but it’ll be nice to get home…

IT’S after 10am when we are up at Jaana and Peter’s.

There’s coffee on the go and I get yesterday’s videoblog edited and posted alongside my regular daily blog.

We eat, drink more coffee, pack and chat until Peter’s taxi driver pal comes to the us to the airport.

There’s some kind of computer system failure at Helsinki airport and the queues at the Finnair desks are round the hall and out the door. Luckily things seem to move reasonably fast and we’re through security with time to grab sandwich and get to the gate in good time.

The flight departure is delayed a little and knock-on hassles mean we’re an hour later than scheduled arriving at Edinburgh. All the bags and gear have arrived safe’n; sound tho’ and soon we’re back at the car park and on the road home via the supermarket in Stirling.

Betty has invited us along for some pizza and a glass of wine, so we quickly drop things off and organise ourselves then wander along the loch side for a nice relaxing evening with our pals.