AN EARLY (for me!) start at 7am…quick breakfast then off to Stirling for a physio appointment. Hopefully my last one.

Parking’s a nightmare, but I get there just in time and, as planned, am discharged. The plantar fasciitis that causes my heel pain isn’t sorted, but it’s a lot better than it was. Guess I just need to keep on the exercises and stuff.

Next stop, a place to change some Euros we brought back from the Estonia/Finland trip, then the bank to pay ’em in. Hopefully I’ll cover the bills coming off my account today.

Then its shopping and hope by 11.30am and, after putting the shopping away, straight into the office.

Despite having iPads, computers etc on the road, there’s a load of stuff we cannot do – and a significant backlog. I start by clearing the piles on my desk while Margaret makes some soup. Catriona and Freya are coming for lunch.

Its lovely to see them. We’re just finishing up when I get a call from someone organising tomorrow night’s meeting about a local hydro scheme. They need a projector. Of coarse they haven’t thought about a screen, light, and what kind of connectors may be needed.

While I’m happy to help the community and our pals that have been – and are – quick to help us when we need it, this is a private scheme (albeit needing community support and hopefully provide some community playback) and I’ve already been committed to helping do stuff at the last minute. I’m a little disgruntled.

Back in the office I carry on with USA booking stuff and speak to Glengoyne about some ideas I have for a wee joint project around National ResoPhonic’s launch of my ‘signature’ guitar. My contact there will discuss with the team there.

I need to set up tickets for an Inverness gig at the end of September and a Facebook event as well as start getting the Scottish gigs listed online.

After making some corn tortilla dough for our chilli tacos I do a little more more work, pack up some mercy and take it to the post box, then we have dinner.

No time to chill tonight, tho’ – back into he office to chase more USA tour date info and try to get a plan together for the rest of the week’s work.