Some of the preparations for Friday’s release of Brexit Blues…

ALL hands on deck today – Brexit Blues comes out tomorrow (Friday)!

First thing is to send out a ‘reminder’ news release that the song drops tomorrow.

Next job is to finish the Bandcamp page revamp and have Brexit Blues ready to go live from midnight tonight.

We’d been hoping for some finding help from Help Musicians to help with the USA tour but an email informs us my application ‘has been unsuccessful’. That’s pretty much par for the course with our attempts for support/funding etc so no great surprise there…but its disappointing as the ‘project’ fitted the funding scheme like a glove. Tthe normally profitable exercise has been scuppered a little by my enthusiasm to launch the forthcoming ‘signature’ guitar from National Reso-Phonic in California before we hit the mid-West.

After setting up Facebook and YouTube video premiers for 11am and 11.30am (tomorrow – Friday) respectively I create videos in various formats and lengths for Instagram, Instagram TV, Twitter and new cover/banners for my YouTube channel and Facebook profile. I make a special video ‘cover’ for my Facebook page.

Once done, I do a quick Facebook livestream to my page and profile updating folks unmet he release schedule and reminding them Brexit Blues comes tomorrow.

There’s a load of other work to do and I’m frazzled by the time I go out for a walk up the loch side at 6pm. Fresh air and exercise always helps. The midges don’t!

I’m back around 7.30pm and Margaret starts to prepare dinner – I hit the studio to record a very rough demo of the first Christmas song…I wanna run it past the publisher and make sure its along the right lines before I put too much effort into perfecting it and producing a final version.

After dinner, I’m back on preparing for Brexit Blues to go live…I wanna make sure all the links to Spotify, Apple Music etc are live on my website right after midnight…