Lunch with our pal JJ at Ramen Dayo 🙂

OFF into Glasgow for most of the datum, but before we go I have some updates to do to the local community trust website.

Some back end/server problems ensue and a ten-minute job becomes an hour-long nightmare. I get it sorted eventually. We also try and come up with some merch ideas for the USA tour.

We pick up our pal JJ – who booked me for his venue in Racine, Wisconsin –outside his hotel and make for the West End where we hit Ramen Dayo for lunch. Great to see JJ and catch up – we’ll see him on his home ground in a few weeks!

We say cheerio then go to investigate what’s happening with our mail…we’ve not been getting mail sent to our mailbox in Glasgow and some folks have been in touch to say mail has been returned. This has been going on for a few months and despite 20 or 30 phone calls, our efforts to find out what’s happening have met a brick wall. I go to the mailbox place and can’t access the room where the mailboxes are.

I ask around the building and it turns out there’s been a lot of folks unable to get access over the last month or so – and seems the folks that ran it – The Callan Group – have vanished from the building. The main guy behind the operation appears to be a ‘respected accountant’ with another office in Glasgow.

Back at the car I do some research, find a phone number and manage to speak to the guy who is stand-off-sh, defensive and unwilling to talk. He ends the call when I suggest that tampering or interfering with delivery of mail is an offence. “There’s no tampering with mail. I’m ending this call.”

Really? Time to follow up with the police I reckon.

We have some other business to take care of and some shopping to pick up then we hit the eye hospital for my appointment.

All goes well and we’re home by 7pm. I drop Margaret off for her community trust meeting and go home to put the shopping away and have something to eat before joining the meeting to give my communications update.