FIRST job today is to work out the best supplier for embroidered patches and also artwork. The original place we looked at seems a little dodgy, so it’s back to the drawing board.

Eventually I find a company I like the look of online and give them a call. They’re helpful and sound like the kinda folks we can work with.

Artwork is the next challenge.

After lunch I start working on art for Facebook events and what, I hope, might be used for the tour promo postcards and other stuff.

My demos for one of the Christmas songs are along the right lines and need some work. In the studio I try a different guitar and find its setup more conducive to playing the tune. With that in mind I decide to go for a proper recording tomorrow (Thursday).

Back in the office I have some plans to put in place for visits to some PRS members’ fund grantholders that are due before we head off on the USA tour.

I picked ups a pork shoulder the other day and need to prepare it for Andouille sausage…and there’s not enough cajun spice mix left so I prepare a new batch. Once prepared, the cut up meat and other ingredients need to be refrigerated for an hour before going through the mincer.

The old manual mincer suit the dust last time I did this…and it was hard going. We picked up and electric mincer in the Netherlands a few months ago which has been in the cupboard ever since. We’ll see how it fares with this job.

I make some corn tortilla dough for to nights tacos and get some more odds and ends of work done before returning to the Andouille mix and the mincer. After a bit of a false start it works a treat. The resulting mixture now needs refrigerated overnight and the hogskin sausage casings out in to soak. The sausage will be made tomorrow!

After our chilli taco dinner we nip along to Betty and Joe’s to help with some stuff…Sandy drops in too and we enjoy a chat over a glass of red before heading home.