A LONG lie this morning – I don’t feel too bad about it tho’, ‘cos its a busy week ahead and there won’t be much time to chill.

There’s a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing on outstanding USA dates then I hit the studio. Back on the first of the Christmas songs.

I take a more striped back approach. Just one mic and the tricone. I think I like the sound better – not as ‘produced’, but much more natural and the lighter strings while more ‘top’ sounding are more responsive to a light touch and make for a more consistent dynamic needing less compression. Its the compression, I think, that robbed the earlier versions of their natural sound.

I spend the whole afternoon doing slower and faster versions and also recording vocals for each version. I fire the resulting mixes off down south…

Next, I meddle briefly with ideas for ‘the other’ Christmas song. Although simple on the face ion it, the tune has several subtle changes from passage to passage.

Before dinner I spend some time organising the USA tour stuff into an Airtable database. Suddenly it’s after 9pm and we need to eat and heat up the leftover jambalaya from Friday night.