I HAVE a meeting over Edinburgh way with someone looking for help from the PRS members’ fund.

Allowing two hours to get there means an early-ish start which gets me there with a few minutes to spare.

Oddly, no-one’s home. I try calling a few times but no reply. I hang out for a wee while in case they’ve had to nip out for something but no.-one appears.

I’m busting for the toilet so search for a supermarket on the road home where I also pick up a few messages. I call he person I was meant to see a few more times along the way but still no answer…and no option to leave a voicemail or message.

Back home we have some lunch then I pick up in the guitar cover project – a bag that should let us pack two guitars in gig bags together for flying. Possibly more secure and also cutting the cost of an extra bag.

I speak to the company that I hope will make it and go to check some. measurements, Meantime, Margaret does some research and finds that the size is too big for most, if not all, airlines. Mmmm…back to square one. Really thought we’d cracked it.

On the topic of never-ending searches for solutions, I don some further investigation into accepting card payments outside the UK. Here, we use iZettle to sell merch on the road and it works great. Doesn’t work outside the UK tho’.

I had a brainwave on the last trip and tried using a VPN to trick my iPhone and the app/account into thinking I was in the UK but it didn’t work.

And on the last trip to the USA back run January, we tried Square, PayPal and some other kind of readers…but despite me linking to a USA bank account, none would let me set up accounts as they couldn’t verify me living at a USA address 🙁

I put out some social media posts to see if anyone’s cracked this problem…