These catch my eye while wandering up the lochside before dinner….

WE’RE a bit late getting up and organised today…but soon we’re at breakfast and making plans.

There’s little time to get much. more than the routine tasks out the way before its time to go to the dentist for a checkup and a polish.

The old hygienist has left – quite glad the sadistic bastard’s away…and my theory is confirmed when the dentist not only gives me a clean bill of health, but compliments my cleaning. The old hygienist did quite the opposite. Anyway…

Back home we have lunch then I hit the studio. I need to make social video trailers for all the USA shows and another for the tour that will work in a Facebook ad.

We don’t have time to film them ‘on location’ and besides, I have no desire to fight the weather, midges and passers by so I set up in the studio and film some green screen stuff.

It takes me a good few hours to edit the footage for the first stage of the processionals which is interrupted any a realisation that I forgot do posters and flyers for the Inverness show at the end of September when I sent the November artwork to the printers.

I call the printer and ask them to hang fire on sending the posters/flyers already ordered until they can include the Inverness stuff. Phew!

Around 7pm I’m ready to call it a day so shut up the office and go for a walk up the lochside. Back hime, I rustle up some black pepper tofu, get some more work done then…bed.