The blue corn – tortilla – taco journey!

I HAVE a coaching session in Glasgow just after 9am  Margaret drops me off and goes to get some shopping before her hair appointment.

My morning goes grand and I enjoy the session and catching g up with a bunch of folks I know. This is the second group session in a series of four which, along with personal coaching sessions, is part of a programme run by Help Musicians Scotland.

I’m done by 12.30pm and have a wee wander about town until Margaret’s finished at the hairdresser. We head to Costco for a quick bite to eat and pick up some shopping then head for home.

After dropping. some stuff ooff to Betty and Joe we get back to the house Margaret puts oil thew telly and watches the tennis. I get some work done and start migrating some of the email stuff and other files from the old MacBook to the newer one…it’s been needing done since the ‘new’ machine came back from its repair after the red wine incident a few months ago.

In the kitchen I make some tortilla dough for our tacos later. Over the last year I’ve graduated from flour to corn tortillas and, having finally got ’em down, am making my first batch with blue masa…

The tacos return out great, Andy Murray wins his doubles match and we wander along to see Betty and Joe…