Video trailer for the USA tour…

NO time to mess about today – once the routine stuff’s out the way, its straight into video editing.

I need to split up the big Final Cut project into individual clips to promote each shown the USA tour. They need trimmed, topped, tailed and poster art added at the end.

The tricky part is ensuring that they will work in regular (16:9) format and also crop to square for social media. And any that are gonna be used in Facebook ads can’t have text in them. The finished clips then need to be compressed and exported from 4k into a more web-friendly 720p resolution. That takes time.

It’s not a difficult job, but slow and laborious. I stop and make some gyoza for lunch then carry on my task.

Betty drops by for a coffee and I cannot believe it’s 6pm already…so I take a break then do a little more before making a pot of pork, chorizo and butter bean stew…enough for tonight’s dinner and, I hope, at least a double portion for the freezer.

A couple of hours later we eat and its delicious – and as it turns out, there’s extra, so another meal on hand for during the week 🙂