NO long lies today – straight onto some work after breakfast.

I spend a couple of hours finishing off all the social and other videos for the USA tour and get a couple of ’em uploaded.

While working from the table in the house – there’s better connectivity there for uploading videos – I keep a watch for the red squirrel that’s been darting back and forth. I set up a camera outside that I can control from my phone and eventually grab a fun video clip of the wee raider. Quite important that not all my social media posts are about the upcoming USA tour!

I take a break to organise some wood in the woodshed and add some extra netting to the front of the wooden ‘cage’ I built to protect the blueberry bushes form the birds. All the flowers have gone now, hopefully pollinated, so I can close them in now.

Catriona, Will, Freya, Andy, Rachel and their wee boy Gregor roll up just after 5pm. It’s Andy’s birthday and they’ve come to the village for the weekend.

We have a couple of beers in the garden then I head for the pub with Will and Andy for a few more. They head off to their B&B to put Freya a Gregor to bed and finish off their night…I stick a couple of burgers on the grill, we eat then I fall asleep on the couch!