AFTER breakfast we have a ‘Buzz’ meeting. It seems odd that a couple living and working together need to schedule a ‘meeting’ but there’s so much going on both in and out the ‘work’ environment that it’s quite helpful.

Once we have our respective to-do lists and priorities agreed I get on finishing off the social media videos and events for the upcoming USA tour. Margaret’s busy working on bookings for the October East Coast USA trip.

There’s a couple of social things to sort out and get in the diary for before we hit the USA too.

I have a couple of meetings and calls to set up for the PRS members’ fund then I make up setlist for this weekend’s Homesong house concerts in Campbeltown (Friday) and Clachan (Saturday).

I play through some of the ‘normal tuning’ songs on the regular acoustic guitar I’ll be taking as part of my inventory.

In the studio I work on a slide guitar arrangement of the second Christmas song for the publisher in London…haven’t had any acknowledgement or feedback from the first one so I’m assuming no news is good news and they’re happy with it.

I get the arrangement finished – now its just gonna be a case of practicing it as much as possible over the next few days then getting it down.

Once again its well after 6pm when I realise the time and decide I need a walk. I he’d up the loch side to my usual spot, but when I sit down on the log to check emails I’m instantly swamped with midges…aaargh…I start to walk fast in a failing attempt to outrun the wee blighters.