I HAVE some PRS members’ fund business to take care of first thing which takes up most of the morning.

Its lunchtime by the time I’ve dealt with other bits and bobs – some work/music-related, some not…including ordering a new drip tray for the charcoal grill outside.

There’s some other merchandise stuff too be sorted for the USA tour too…quite keen to get a bunch of coozies printed up, so I check out prices etc.

After lunch I spend some time in the studio trying to get familiar with the arrangement for the Christmas song I’m working on for the London publisher. Might take a while!

I have time to rehearse most oof my set for this weekend’s home song shows in Campbeltown and Clachan then its time to jump in the car to Catriona and Will’s. We’re going for dinner and staying over tonight so we can look after Freya tomorrow…