The second Homesong show of the weekend – this time in Clachan 🙂

WE wake up late and enjoy breakfast and coffee with David and Ineke before hitting the road to Clachan.

It’s not far, but we wanna get some midge spray/repellent before tonight’s show – we’ve heard the midges are fierce in Clachan – and have a wee wander round Campbeltown.

We stop for lunch in Glenbar and have a nice, albeit a bit over-priced, snack and arrive at Lorien’s place late afternoon.

She shows us to the caravan we’re staying in and then we load the gear into ‘the outbuilding’ – a small barn-like building which has been magically transformed into a venue for the tonight’s show.

We hang out and have a beer then folks start arriving. The place is full when I start and, like malt night, the crowd is amazing – enthusiastic, responsive and all round good folks.

There’s food at the break and a local musician, Cammy, plays a couple of songs before I play my second set.

A good few folks hang out after the show and we drink, chat and jam a little until we realise it’s after 2.30am 🙂