We enjoy a nice brunch at the Steamer Terminal cafe in Ardrishaig on the way home

I’M pretty burst when we wake up in the caravan at Clachan. It’s after 10am.

We go into the house and enjoy a coffee with everyone. Still not ready (or…erm…able) to eat so we say cheerio and hit the road.

By the time we get to Ardrishaig and the Crinan Canal we’re getting hungry so we stop at the Steamer Terminal cafe and have a very nice brunch.

Onwards and we get stuck in a traffic jam on the side of Loch Fyne for an hour due to an accident half a mile or so ahead.

Next stop is the supermarket in Balloch for some supplies then home.

After unpacking I do my dials blog (there was no internet in Clachan!), prepare my July eNewsletter to go out – read it here – and dump all the video clips from our wee adventure onto the laptop. I’ll try and find time to edit it into a wee vlog tomorrow…