WE’RE up at a decent time and I fire through the routine stuff before breakfast.

I’ve been putting off sending the USA tour promo postcards to print ‘cos there may be another one or two shows to come in. This morning, I’m glad – for although no extra shows have come through (yet!), I have a promising relationship brewing with Smokehead whisky and they’ve sent through some logo art to use – they’ll be supplying some whisky to fuel the tour.

Now before anyone jumps to conclusions, Glengoyne and I have not parted company per se…they reckon their sister brand Smokehead might be perfectly aligned to build our relationship further and I think they’re spot on. We’ll kick things off with some mutual appreciation on the USA tour.

Wildly bold and not for everyone. Couldn’t put it better myself 😉

Margaret’s re-launching her couch to 5k bid but before joining her, I cut the grass.

After lunch I finalise the promo postcard art and send it off for approval. Meantime, there’s some work to be done ion the local 4G internet trial…I wanna get a. wee report off to the council before we hit the USA.

Betty drops by for a coffee late afternoon and invites us round for a drink later on after dinner.

I hit the studio and work on Christmas song number two for the publisher. Almost got it off pat…I’ll record it at the end of the week, I hope.

After dinner we wander along to Betty and Joe’s where we relax and chat over a glass of red then we head home for an early night. Off to Inverness early doors tomorrow…I’m on a panel session at XpoNorth at lunchtime…