Jeez – not quite what we need right now…

WE HAVE breakfast at the hotel during which I catch up with a journalist pal I haven’t seen in a while.

Back in the room I get some work done and we pack up ready to check out at midday.

We decide to pick up some shopping in the supermarket then hit the road.

Margaret’s driving and all goes well ‘;til we come to the big roundabout at Inveralmond outside Perth. A car in front stops suddenly and although Margaret’s left plenty room, the road’s wet after a dry spell and the car skids, hitting the back of the car immediately in front of us 🙁

Thankfully no-one’s hurt and both cars are drivable…but its still fair bit of damage. We exchange insurance details etc then we park up and I call our insurance folks.

Timing’s not great as our MoT is due in the middle fo the USA tour, so we’d booked the car in for Thursday. That’s unlikely now.

We’ll highlight the issue when the insurer’s ‘preferred repairer’ contact us to make arrangement for repair.

Margaret was due to babysit for Freya tomorrow (Friday), but I’ve now to go into Glasgow first thing so we stop at Catriona and Will’s for the night…