WE wake up early at Catriona’s…and Freya’s not far behind us.

I have to go into Glasgow to take care of some business and leave Margaret, Catriona and Freya…Catriona will leave for her work around 8.30am.

By midday I’m back at Catriona’s…Will got back off nightshift and is getting up after a few hours’ kip to let us head back home.

We put our shopping away and have some lunch then get on with some work.

I have a few months’-worth of PRS concert returns to to do and get them all up to date before starting to upload some of the USA tour social videos into my Facebook page’s video library. Although i uploaded them to each ‘event’ and to the venue’s own pages a while back, they’re not in my own library for reposting as and when appropriate.

Margaret’s been trying to make arrangements for the car to be repaired we’re staying with pals in Helensburgh tonight and the insurance company’s ‘preferred repairer’ – who we have to use if we want a courtesy car – is in Dumbarton, so she arranges for them to come and pick our car up in Helensburgh tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

We head to Alastair and Karen’s where, as usual, we have a great night…too much to eat and drink, lots of chat and bedtime sometime approaching 2am…