Nice afternoon in the sunshine with a bunch of pals at the sheepdog trials 🙂

WE wake early at Alastair and Karen’s in case the garage calls…someone’s coming til pick up our damaged car and leave its a courtesy car.

At 8am a call lets us know they’ll be with us soon. Meantime, I do some work on the computer then, once the car exchange has taken place, we go through to the kitchen and have a coffee with Alastair who’s getting breakfast on the go.

We chat and hang out then make our way home in the courtesy car which is a little on the small side, but better than nothing.

Back home I get a little work done then walk along to the local sheepdog trials. Margaret’s watching the tennis and will join us all later.

It’s a lovely afternoon and it’s nice to catch up with a bunch of local pals. Margaret arrives and we hang out a while more…the beer’s all gone but the whisky’s starting to flow. Uh-oh. It’s still only around 6pm!

Margaret gets a lift home from Barbara and Fiona – Thorsten, Steven and I walk back with the dog.

Later oon I pick up some fish and chips and wander along to Betty and Joe’s where we eat and chat…I’m kinda done with all the beer and whisky on top of last night’s excess, so we don’t have a late one. Been a grand day 🙂