ANOTHER bunch of sample baseball caps arrive…some are OK, some aren’t. They need to be decent ones if wear gonna sell ’em!

We’re trying to work to work out if we need to send any more merch to the USA – an empty guitar case for the outward journey means we can pack some extra vinyls and stuff, so looks like we can save on some shipping costs.

I continue pulling together press/media/online and put together news releases for the upcoming USA dates. It’s slow progress, not least because most of the USA newspapers’ websites are inaccessible because of GDPR regulations.

Using a VPN (virtual private network) to make it look like I’m working from a USA-based IP address helps to a certain degree but it’s not ideal.

Catriona and Freya arrive just after lunch. I’ve a coaching session via Skype so roll an ethernet cable across to the studio and log in from there. It’s part of a programme being run by Help Musicians Scotland and I’m finding the sessions quite useful.

Back in the house I carry on with the press/media stuff. Slow progress, but if I can get a few areas done each day I should have it all done/scheduled before we leave for the USA.

Betty’s asked us along to assemble some garden furniture so we grab some tools and head along the loch side.

Once we’re done we have dinner and a glass or two of red before heading home for an early night.