MARGARET’S off to the optician and I get busy with price lists and ‘cards & contactless. accepted here’ notices…looks like PayPal Here could be the solution to the making card payments outside the UK. The card reader should arrive on Friday.

We’ll be pretty stoked if it works!

There’s a bunch of online stuff needing dealt with then I start work on the ‘out of service’ guitar that I’ll be putting up for sale soon. It needs a few screws replaced and a wee spruce up.

I run through one of the USA sets using just one guitar and re-tuning as necessary. It worked OK and could make for lighter and easier overseas travelling.

Along with a load of other pals, we’ve been invited to Barbara and Thorsten’s for a cook-out to meet a new grandchild – five months old, and over form Australia. A grand night is had by all 🙂