We toast the new ‘”Dave Arcari signature’ guitar with a dramatic National Reso-Phonic Guitars in San Luis Obispo

ANOTHER early start…we need to get to Nation Reso-Phonic Guitars in San Luis Obispo early afternoon.

Breakfast at the Days Inn is, let’s say, unremarkable then we hit the road fro Barstow. Before leaving town, though we need fuel. Don’t wanna get stuck in the Mojave Desert with no fuel!

It takes three gas stations before we find one that’ll take an overseas credit card which sets us back a little time-wise.

Finally we’re on our way and stop for a quick bite to eat and to re-fuel en route.

We roll up at National around 3.30pm…my tour shirts, print promo are waiting, a bunch of whisky from Smokehead and….the new ‘Dave Arcari signature’ guitar. I’m knocked out. It’s everything we’d hoped for and more…the sound the feel…and it looks amazing. The first one of its kind.

We hang out, chat and toast the new guitar with some Smokehead before going to check in at our hotel and then on to the venue in Morro Bay ten miles away.

Booker Monte greets us and soundman Dave gets me all set up. August Young who’s opening the show arrives and soundcheck and soon it’s showtime.

There’s a nice crowd in…I’m pleasantly surprised at the turnout as it’s a mid-week show and the first day of the mid-State County Fair which is a big deal in this part of California.

I play the entire show with the new guitar…it’s amazing and handles moving between open and standard tunings no problem.

Lots of chat and photos round the merch table after the show followed by a few drams and some dinner.

We’re back at the hotel by midnight. Knackered. its been some day!

A baptism of fire for the new guitar at The Siren, Morro Bay