The morning after…we drop in to say cheerio to our pals at National…

WE need to be with the good folks at National Reso-Phonic soon after 10am – they’re keen to give the guitar a once-over and check there’s no teething problems after the first show…they also want to replace the tuner/machine heads.

Before we leave the hotel we have a quick breakfast and I get some social media stuff posted, my blog done and emails dealt with.

At National we chat with everyone – Jason checks over the guitar and gives it the all-clear. it survived! Eric specced Waverley tuning machines, but there’s none int he store, so he’ll send them on for me to swap over. 

It’s after midday when we say cheerio and bit the road. We’r not sure of our destination, but we need to get at least as far as Vegas.

By 3pm we’re hungry and stop at a Panera Bread (our first of the trip!) in Bakersfield and nip into a Target to pick up some bits and bobs.

Over lunch we decided to make for Saint George, Utah – 130 or so miles past Vegas – and Margaret booked a Days Inn.

We take turns driving and stop for dinner at a Cracker Barrel – there’re very common and popular across the USA but we’ve only ever stopped at one once. The service is a bit shoddy – my steak and sides is good, but Margaret’s isn’t so great. Anyway, it does the job and soon we’re back not he road.

It’s after 1am when we roll up at the hotel. We’ve another long day of driving tomorrow so its a quick dram then zzzzzz’s…

Dunno what Margaret’s said, but it looks like its shocked Eric and I!