Videoblog of the first couple days – it’s nearly a fortnight old, but we might resurrect the travelogue videos if folks want ’em…

A DAY off and no driving today – we decided to stay in the same hotel in Darlington another night.

We bit the breakfast room with a few minutes to spare and there’s plenty food left. In fact, the staff are replenishing everything even after ‘finishing time’. Another better than average Super 8 🙂

I use the time to prepare my ‘day of show’ social media content (videos and graphics) for the rest of the tour…having stuff ready to post takes the time pressure off when we’re in a rush to clear the hotel room.

We take a trip down town to a supermarket – the amusingly named Piggly Wiggly – and get some supplies for lunch and dinner. There’s a fridge and microwave in our room so we can save some cash – and eat healthier – by preparing our own meals.

My August eNewsletter is due to go out on Thursday so I get it designed and written. There’s a while bunch of names on the mail list to be aded to the system which I need to do before Is schedule the eNews to go out.

I took a load of video over the first few days of the tour and edited it up into a video blog (vlog). There’s a lot of travel and not much music action so we decided to hold back posting it. And with a lot of travel, time pressure and limited internet access we thought it best to forget about filming/video blogs for the time being and instead do regular Facebook livestreams and, of course, post to this daily blog.

Anyway! Internet speed is reasonable here and I have some time, so I post the vlog with the caveat that it’s a week and a half old and we’re not really planning any more…unless, of course, folks really want ’em.