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INTERNET in the hotel room is patchy again so I don’t get much done before we have to check out.

Before leaving, I try to get online in reception, but its still crap…and we’re meeting JJ for breakfast in ten minutes.

JJ’s waiting for us at Meli Cafe and coffee’s poured the minute we sit down. I can tell I’m gonna like this place.

We order our breakfast and jeez – the portions are huge. Again. And not just huge, but the food is great.

I mention my sore back and leg – feels like I’ve got a nerve caught, probably down to spending too long/sitting badly on the car seat in the crap first rental car we got earlier in the trip. JJ reckons CBD oil might help…and its legal in all the states we’ll be going through. He sends us off with a bottle.

We say cheerio and hit the road to Lacrosse. I’m pretty pegged and sleep most of the way…Margaret’s not hanging about ‘cos she wants to watch the tennis…Andy and Jamie Murray are playing in a doubles tournament somewhere.

At the hotel I get the work I’d hoped to get done this morning out the way while Margaret watches the tennis…then we head out to find some dinner supplies for tonight, finding a Festival Foods – one of the best supermarkets in the mid-West.

We have dinner in the hotel room and I get busy updating my website to include the signature guitar info…then get carried away and set up a Facebook page for same.

I’ve managed an alcohol-free day and get to bed before midnight. A lot to do in the morning before we check out…