The new signature guitar is doing a fine job…just one guitar on tour means I need to change tunings a couple times…

MY August eNewsletter has gone out automatically overnight, so after breakfast I spread the link round social media and stuff.

Margaret sorts a late checkout which lets us get a little more work done before we hit the road – not too far to Winona for tonight’s show.

I need some spare strings – didn’t bring enough of my signature strings from Newtone with me – so we hit Dave’s Guitars…one of the biggest guitar stores in the world. Amazing stuff, but a pathetic range of strings an no singles in the gauges I need!

We try another music shop in town and I find a few emergency strings, but still not really what I’m looking for.

When we hit Winona we do a Facebook livestream from the banks for the Mississippi and I also record a few video clips for a wee project for a pal back home.

Next stop is our pal Ken’s where we’re staying tonight. We hang out for a while until its time to go back downtown and load in at Ed’s.

After soundcheck we head out for some grub…alas the wee Mexican cantina along the road is closed and there’s not much else on offer. We end up at a McDonalds 🙁

Back at the venue doors have just opened and we catch up with our pal Mike Munson – who’s opening the show – and his wife.

Mike plays a wonderful set. I really hope we can get him to Scotland sometime.

Its blisteringly hot and quite humid…but a few beers keep me cool through my set and we have a grand night.

Lots of new faces and chat round the merch table, a round of Smokehead to spread the love then we make our way back to Ken’s just after 1am.

A wee dram then bedtime…

wonderful opening set form our pal Mike Munson.