Another episode of our adventures on the road…

WE have breakfast in our room at the Green Bay motel then get packed up nd hit the road.

I’m a little delicate and probably not safe to drive…luckily Margaret’s quite happy to do the entire 200+ mile drive to Minneapolis.

When we get there we stop first at a big mall to find a new pair of jeans. I only brought one – very old – pair with me which I’ll ditch before we come home.

Macy’s has black Levi 511s in every bloody size except mine…and a check shows that none of their Minnesota stores have that size in stock. We find a Levi shop and they have my size. At double the price of Macy’s. Weird how a brand’s own shop is so much more expensive than a third party seller. Oh well…I need them – we have a family wedding in Toledo next weekend and i can’t wear these cranky old faded jeans!

Next stop a supermarket then on to the hotel. Margaret’s booked a daily nice place in Minneapolis not too far from tomorrow (Sunday) night’s venue.

I edit some video blog and get it ready then we eat and chill the rest of the night.