I have a great show at the Stones Throw…

WE GET some work done before we pack up and leave Monticello for the 130-odd mile drive to Eau Claire.

After a lunch stop at Panera Bread we carry on our journey and arrive at our pals Mike and Debbie’s in Eau Claire just before 5pm. Their entire street is being dug up, so we have to park a few blocks away and hoof it along.

We drop our bags off then we all head downtown. Debbie is manning the Chippewa Valley Blues Society stall at Tuesday Night Blues in Phoenix Park…and its five years to the day since I played there.

My show is in the Stones Throw which is just five minutes walk away, so after we’ve loaded in and said hello, we head back to Phoenix Park.

It’s a lovely evening and there’s a great turnout – lots of folks we know too. We grab some food and watch the band for a while then make our way to the venue to set up and soundcheck.

The place is rammed for my show and the drink is flowing…we’re now sold out of CDs and vinyl and only halfway through the tour! Luckily CD reinforcements are coming on Saturday.

We have a brilliant night catching up with all our local pals and get back to Mike and Debbie’s just after midnight.

I’m already full of beer and whisky, but Mike and I sit up for a good hour-and-a-half blethering over a few drams.

…and great to catch up with some of our local pals.