Part three of the USA tour shenanigans – 4, 5 & 6 August…

IT’S 11am when I wake up at Debbie and Mike’s…Margaret’s already awake.

Margaret gets dressed and goes downstairs, but it takes me a bit longer to get my shit together. I join everyone in time for fresh coffee and a wonderful breakfast.

We can for a while then hit the road – no show tonight and we’re headed to Champaign which is about six hours’ drive away.

I’m in no condition to drive, so Margaret takes the wheel. We stop mid-afternoon at a Perkins for some grub then carry on our journey…Margaret doing all the driving.

We arrive in Champaign around 8pm and stop at a supermarket for some dinner to prepare in our room.

When we get there Margaret watches the tennis and I write up my blog…late here, but even later for folks in the UK.

We ‘cook’ our respective dinners in the microwave then I get on with editing the last few days video footage for the latest video blog.

Margaret’s asleep but the time I’m done…it’s 2am…and I’m knackered too…