Our pal Pete Dio and his band kick things off at O’s in Fort Wayne…

WE wake up late at the Brown County Inn…but not too late to get some work done before we meet our pals Ken and Carol in the foyer at 11am. They want to the us for brunch 🙂

After packing the car we meet our pals and they whisk us off to Hard Truth Hills where we have some brilliant grub and chat for a couple of hours.

They take us back to pick up our car and after saying cheerio we hit the road to Fort Wayne.

Margaret does all the driving (again!) and, after the routine stop at a supermarket for supplies, we check into our hotel.

There’s an hour or so to chill before we need to load in at the venue – and I have a radio interview there at 8pm.

The interview goes great – Josh is totally on the ball….then our pal Pete who organised the show and his opening with his band The Old & Dirty arrives.

We get everything set up and Pete and his band kick things off at 10pm. Our pal Justin is working the bar with Floyd and they – and booker Carmen – take good care of us 😉

I’m up next and crash my way though a high-energy (and volume!) set…jeez, I have a good time tonight!

It’s well after 2am when we get back to the hotel…and a glass of wine and a snack. We’ve an early start to Toledo in the morning for my cousin Will’s wedding…

…then I drop a raucous set and have a load of fun 🙂