Grand night out in Traverse City with Jim, Mike, Don, Sally and Sue 🙂

AFTER a late rise at Sue and Jim’s we have coffee and breakfast.

Once my blog and emails are out the way I tackle the machine heads on the guitar…National didn’t the Waverly tuners that were specced when the guitar was built, so they got them sent to Sue and Jim’s in Traverse City.

They look like they’ll fit and the folks at National said the holes were in the same place, but after I remove the strings and the old machine heads I find they’re not quite the same and need more specialist attention. Back to the drawing board.

We go out for a wander round Traverse City then back at the house Maragret watches the tennis and I, at last, manage to download the mobile banking app for my USA bank account from the USA app store. Success! It means I can scan the cheque form last night’s show and pay it in via the app 🙂

Just after 5pm we go to visit Mike in his amazing apartment a few blocks away and – along with other Traverse City pals Don and Sally – enjoy a few drinks on the rooftop terrace.

Next stop is a local brewery where we enjoy a jam band over a few more beers and some grub…then back to Mike’s.

Sue’s got an early start in the morning, but Margaret, Jim and I enjoy a few drams on the back porch before turning in. At 2am. Another nice day off…and the last of the trip…six more gigs in the next six days!