Time to share a Smokehead after the show 😉

AFTER catching up on some emails and the usual ‘day of show’ online activities and promo we pack our bags, say cheerio to Jim and head for Detroit.

We’ll be back in Traverse City tomorrow (Wednesday) for my show at the Acoustic Tap House.

Our route takes us through Lansing so I can pick up some spare guitar strings at Elderly Instruments and we roll up at our hotel just after 5pm.

We drop our bags and make our way to the venue which is 12 miles away downtown. Everything’s locked up – I call promoter Justin. He’ll be here in ½-hour…so there time to get some tacos and quesadillas at a wee place round the corner. The food is amazing. Possibly the best of the trip!

Back at the venue we load in, sort the merch and hang out ’til doors open. My pal back home’s parents-in-law Shirley and Rich show up with Vincent and Cindy in pow. Great to see them 🙂

First up is Noble Hobo – an eclectic Americana bunch – followed by A Day at the Station.

I’m up next and have a blast…it’s the hottest, sweatiest show of the tour so far!

Our pal Fishgutzzz (Courney Kostrick) of Goldmann Gallows closes the show playing a few songs with “Stinkin’ Orchestra”. Great stuff.

Its after 2am when we get back to the hotel for a wee nightcap and a snack – Jim and Sue gave us a bunch of amazing jerky which goes great with a wee Smokehead 😉

Sanctuary, Detroit – possibly the hottest, sweatiest show I’ve ever played…
…great to catch up with Fishgutzzz…and his Stinkin’ Orchestra