We film a video session in Bellefontaine before the evening’s show at Brewfontaine…

AFTER a great breakfast and chat at Doug and Micki’s we leave Kalamazoo, Michigan and head for Bellefontaine, Ohio.

It’s a four-hour journey and we need to be there by 4.30pm for a video session in an old building across from the venue.

We’re greeted by Jeramy at the venue and he assembles the crew for the video shoot. I play a couple fo tunes then we go to drop our bags at the hotel nearby. There’s time to chill for an hour before we need to set up at the venue.

Back at Brewfontaine we have some beers and a nice meal then I get set up and go straight into my 2 x 45 minute sets.

It’s hot, sweaty and fun. The PA is pretty minimal and can’t really handle my footstomp (or my vocal, for that matter!) very well, but it doesn’t stop us having a grand show.

We chat round the merch table, enjoy some more beer and share a dram or two of Smokehead before we get loaded out and back to the hotel.

Phew! Two more shows to go…

…and after a grand show we share the Smokehead love with some of the Brewfontaine staff