Great finale to the tour at Montrose Saloon, Chicago…

AFTER a lovely breakfast at the stunning National House Inn we hit the road to Chicago. A three or four hour drive.

A brief stop for some fuel and a snack then we find a Capital One cafe (open on a Sunday!) and pay some cash into the bank – hopefully it’ll transfer to my UK account so we can take some fo the pressure off our credit card/s!

Next stop is load in at the Montrose Saloon then we go along the road to meet our pals Nan and Mark for an early dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant. They’re coming to the show later, but it’s nice to have time to chat in peace and quiet.

Back at the venue, Echo and Ransom are setting up then kick off the night with a great set.

The room is filling up nicely and but he time I take to the stage at 9pm there’s a good crowd and lots of familiar faces. The venue’s PA is a little on the low-powered side and my footstep is barely audible despite being plugged into a bass amp the size of a wardrobe…but it’ s certainly not a show-stopper and there’s a great vibe in the room.

After the show there’s time for some photos with folks and chat round th merch table then we get cleared up, load out and hit the road…we’re trying to get a hundred miles out of Chicago tonight so we’ve got a clear run towards Denver in the morning.

Echo & Ranson play an awesome opening set 🙂