BREAKFAST at the HoJo is basic but gets us up early and we get a lot of baggage organisation and rationalisation done before we hit the road.

Today’s drive from Gothenburg, Nebraska to drop off the rental car in Denver, Colorado is around 300 miles…but we do have an hour extra because we cross a time zone on the way.

After a brief stop for a burger at lunchtime, we drop the car off at Enterprise just after 3pm. They cannot take us to the airport, but offer to pay half the cost of an Uber ride….and as it end up, they pay more like 75%!

We chat about music along the way and our driver tells us her best pal is married to Brian Setzer!

After booking seats on the (free) 8am shuttle bus to the airport in the morning, we deal with a few odds and ends of work, chill and turn in for an early night.