Margaret makes good use of the stopover time at JFK to try out some new makeup…

THE alarm goes of at 7am. We’re pretty much packed, so there’s just a few things to shove in the bags then we take everything downstairs to the hotel reception nd grab something to eat and a coffee in the breakfast room.

We’re on the bus before 8am and on our way to Denver airport. There’s no queue at the Delta check-in and the lady there is friendly, helpful and happy for me to take my guitar on the plane.

By the time we’re through security and found our gate its almost time to board for our 10.40am flight to JFK, New York.

With a two-hour time difference, we land in New York just after 4pm. We’ve got a good six or seven hours before our final flight to Glasgow so grab some tacos, Margaret picks up some makeup and we wait around for our flight.

After boarding we’re held up a further hour-and-a-half as a load of bags have been put on the place, but their owners haven’t made the connection because of some kind of delay elsewhere.

Its after midnight (New York time) when we take off…