Almost home…

I WAKE up just as the cabin crew are dishing out breakfast. Think I slept for a couple fo hours, but now I’m feeling like shit.

There’s an hour or so to go before we land and, after going to the toilet, I stare at my coffee and breakfast box, unsure if I’m capable of tackling it. Eventually I do and feel slightly better.

We get through the airport quickly and easily and pick up our checked bag then grab a taxi to Paisley – just a mile away – where our pal Martyn has left our car for us to pick up.

First stop is Costco, then fuel, then Tesco…then home. We’re back soon after 3pm and unload everything and Margaret starts unpacking and loads the washing machine whole I put a load of other stuff away.

After a year studying in Edinburgh, my cousin in New York’s niece Caroline is walking the West Highland Way before going back to the USA…she’s staying with us this evening, so we have a good motivation the get the place tidy and the guest room prepared.

Matty’s also coming for his dinner and we have a nice evening chatting and catching up.