A SLIGHTLY slow start to the day….we’re not finished breakfast when Betty drops by for a coffee and invites us round later on.

In the office I get busy trying to sort a ‘join my mail list and get a discount in the merch store’ landing page.

There’s quite a lot of to-ing, fro-ing and test and I eventually get to working the way I want. I think. I’ll need to keep an eye on it over the net day or two.

The screw removal pliers I ordered on Amazon to – hopefully – remove the screws with broken heads on the guitar headstock arrive. It’s a last gasp attempt at allow impact removal and thankfully they work perfectly…the four problem screws are out without causing any damage! Onto the next part of the job…

Mikey rolls up around 5pm then we go to meet Betty and pick up some fish’n’chips which we take back to their place. We spend a lovely evening chatting and tear ourselves away at a reasonable time so not too late a night.