The Waverley machine heads are the finishing touch to my signature guitar from National Reso-Phonic….

DON’T think any of us slept very well…and Margaret’s up early to sort Mikey some breakfast before he heads back to Dundee.

I decide to get to get up too and get on with some work before breakfast – the October USA shows need to go on my website and some of the listings services online. My main job to day is to finish fitting the Waverley machine heads to the signature model guitar. It’s been a slow process, but taking my time pays off and the result is worth the effort.

In the studio I take a bunch of photos of both the signature guitar with the ‘correct’ machine heads and also the National Style O that I need to put up for sale ASAP.

The ‘join my mail list and get a discount coupon/code’ isn’t working properly so I need to examine that…I manage to make a few tweaks here and there but I’m still not happy. Need to get to the bottom of it when I have time.

I edit the signature guitar photos and send them, along with some other relevant pix, off to one of the blues magazines to see if I can interest them in doing a feature then its time to go to Duncan and Irene’s for dinner.

Margaret drives us there – and back – and we have grand evening chatting about all sorts with our pals.