Pssst…wanna buy a unique, one-off custom National guitar? Click the pic for info…!

I GOT a note last night from the lady that runs the yoga class I started back in March…classes start again this morning after rogue summer break.

Although I don’t really feel like it – and am trying to conserve cash – I really should go. I’m up early yo get some work done before the 9.30am class. it’s a tough session, but I do feel a bit better for it!

Back home I have a shower, some breakfast then we look at our respective to-do lists and our, frankly terrible, cash flow and finances.

A lot of important stuff on the to-do lists is put off as we look for ways to raise some cash…one of the things I need to do as priority is get the now un-needed custom National Style O guitar (the shiny one!) up for sale. I’m not expecting a quick fix as selling guitars can be a long, slow, stressful process…but if I don’t get the photos online and start spreading the word it’s got no chance.

There’s a few other ideas to try and generate some cash…some, hopefully, to try and address the ‘immediate bills’ issue and some the longer term problem of our credit cards being at their limit (not a good thing!). For too long we’ve been paying for things with our cards and now it’s coming to bite us on the ass.

We jump in the car to visit Catriona, Will and our wee granddaughter Freya. Its nice to see them and, despite daily videos and photos, we’ve particularly missed Freya who’s now walking by herself 🙂 🙂

We spend a lovely afternoon with them and I help Will shift a load of wood from the front driveway into their back garden for his shed build then hit the road home.

The Vietnamese beef I’ve had marinading since this morning is ready for the grill and once I fire up a chimney-full of charcoal I get cooking. Indoors though, there’s a problem cooking the rice. Our induction stovetop seems to have developed a fault while we’ve been away, so Margaret resorts to a camping stove. We need this like a hole in the head.

After dinner I work on some of the photos I took of the guitar for sale then post guitar info and a bunch of pix on my Facebook page, profile and various specialist groups. Gumtree will have to wait ’til tomorrow. (STOP PRESS…ad is now on Gumtree here!)