Knackered induction hob means it’s camp stoves to make a batch of black bean soup…

FIRST job is to get the custom National Style O guitar I have for sale up on GumTree. It’s a fairly straightforward process. See it here.

There’s a bunch of bills to sort out and some online merch orders to be packed and sent.

I bought ingredients to make a batch of black bean soup last week, so get busy making that…only problem is, the induction hob on. our cooker is goosed…so I have to use two gas camping stoves. The soup’s good, though, and will do me a good few lunches over the next week or two. Makes me fart a helluva lot tho’ 🙂 🙂

My website is flagging up that I need to update the version of .PHP (a programming language) on my web server…this is a pain – not because the update itself poses a problem, but checking compatibility with all the elements of my website is a hassle.

One of the UK blues magazines is gonna run a news piece on the signature guitar and has asked me to knock up 150 words or so…I get that done. To be honest, I’d been hoping they might go for more of a story/feature as we have great images and plenty to say…but, as they say, all publicity is good publicity. I’ll start shopping the story and pix round some of the bigger publications.

Next job is sorting out my musical equipment insurance…and paying the premium. Ouch! Then I spend an hour on a video chat with my pal Tom in Wisconsin…I’ve offered to revamp his band’s website but there’s a few things we need to discuss before I start.

After a late dinner I spend some time trying. to sort out Tom’s web hosting – it seems to be stuck in limbo at the moment – and prepare some basic artwork that I can ue once he gets the hosting sorted.