Great to catch up with our pal Charlie Parr at the CCA last night…one of the best shows ever 🙂

AFTER breakfast we get on with some work…and make up a shopping list for later.

There’s a rotten bit on one of our conservatory/hall windows that needs filled…we thought we had filler and waited for a few days of dry weather then realised we didn’t have any filler. It’s on the list!

Betty drops by with some local community trust stuff and we have a coffee then get on with some more bits and bobs before lunch.

I start to tackle the receipts form the USA trip – not only do I need to sort them all for my accounts, but its important we’re able to assess the financials around the tour. ‘Successful’ doesn’t necessarily equate to ‘profitable’!

Mid-afternoon we head into Glasgow. Both our birthdays were while we were away and we decided not to bother with any celebrations/meals/presents etc and instead treat ourselves to tickets to see our pals Charlie Parr and J D Wilkes at the CCA this evening.

On our usual mission too kill as many birds with one stone as possible, we use the trip to the city to distribute posters for a show at the Hug & Pint with my pal form Finland, Ismo Haavisto, on Saturday 30 November. Info/tickets here!

Once done, we need to pick up tickets for tonight’s show at Tickets Scotland, then go out to Paisley to pick up an order at Dunelm and a final stop at Ikea to pick up some stuff we need and grab a quick bite to eat. We hit all the high spots!

We get to the CCA in good time and Charlie sits with us while J D Wilkes plays a fantastic set…then Charlie’s up. Jeez he’s good. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, although we stayed with his father-in-law Ken when we were in Winona a month or so ago.

We have a great night and Charlie hatches a plan for the pair of us to do a bunch of shows together on an upcoming USA tour.

There wasn’t time to hit the supermarket before the show, so we stop off at a 24-hour Tesco and get our shopping. then head home.